Liquid Filtrations & Liquid Separation

Gas Filtrations & Conditioning

Air Gas Services & Generation Systems

Specialized Services & Support

Bag and cartridge filtration systems

Flows ranging from 101pm 1pm, -Key applications: Water, Amines, Glycol, sour water, diesel, naphtha, jet fuel & other hydrocarbons

Liquid / Liquid coalesces and separator

For separations of two liquids, even having very low interfacial tension, coalesces & fuel monitors conforming to API 158 -Key applications: Water & haze from jet fuel, Kerosene & other hydrocarbons from produced water, Process water, waste water etc…

High volume oil and water separator systems

Suitable for removal of very high oil content from water ( up to 50% or more) + Patented two-phase separation media; Very high removal efficiencies + Typical applications: Produced water, Condensate water, Process effluents bilge water, sea water de-oiling, desalination plant protection, Diesel-water separation.

Fuel gas conditioning packages

fuel gas conditioning packages involving gas filter, separators, coalescers, gas heaters interconnected with necessary controls and instrumentation + Packages suitable for hazardous area zone 1

Simplex / Duplex and self – Cleaning strainers

Basket strainers suitable for gases and liquids +    Variety strainer materials such as CS, SS316, Hastalloy, Monel   +   Automatic self cleaning strainers with motorized scrapers for specific applications

Skid Mounted packages with control panel and necessary instrumentation

Compressed air dryers and instrument air Packages

Desiccant (Heatless and heat reactivated) and refrigerant dryer systems + Dryer packages tp provide air quality as per ISO 8573.1, Quality Class-1 + Energy management control systems with “in – the sensing” technology

Nitrogen /Oxygen / Hydrogen generation Packages

Options for PSA and membrane systems +Complete packages involving air compressors, air dryers, air receivers, particulate and coalescing   filters + Nitrogen purity up to 99.99%

Instrumentation including dew point indicator and oxygen analyzer

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